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Glass Infuser Pitcher – A Complete Guide To Choose Right Infuser Pitcher
Help you to choose the right infuser pitchers that fits your needs. We also provides info about the manufacturer and availability of glass infuser pitcher.


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Secrets Of Glass Infuser Pitcher

All in finesse and transparency, the glass infuser pitcher lets you observe the spectacle of the infusion of your favorite juice in warm water; It will fully reveal the aromas of all your juices, and is perfect for infusing juice.

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The Delicacy Of The Glass Infuser Pitcher

The main advantage of the glass infuser pitcher is, of course, its transparency ; It allows us to truly appreciate the infusion of our juice, and this in real time. You will be able to ensure that your brew is perfectly well infused, by monitoring the nuance of the juice as well as the duration of infusion.

glass infuser pitcherHowever, the glass infuser pitcher is full of resources and proves beneficial for many other reasons. Thus, this style of juice container is also characterized by the fact that it has no “memory” ; It means that, unlike other infuser such as terracotta, the glass infuser pitcher does not soak up the aromas and flavors of the juice that you have been able to infuse in the past. Therefore, you just have to clean it with boiling water after each use , then let it dry in the air so that it is as new for your next juice infusion.

There are a multitude of styles of glass infuser pitchers, each of which will have a characteristic that will set it apart from others. Depending on your use of your infuser pitcher, it is up to you to choose the one that will be most useful to you on a daily basis.

The glass infuser pitcher with an integrated juice bubble is very much appreciated because it allows you to infuse your juice and observe the step-by-step infusion process.

Some glass infuser pitcher are specially designed to house juice flowers . They turn out to be very aesthetic, since they allow you to see the juice hatch and deliver all their aromas.

The glass infuser pitcher with a filter integrated in the nozzle will offer you an optimal infusion of your juices, whose flavors and aromas will be tenfold and magnified.

Usage Tips

Before each use of your glass infuser pitcher, do not forget to preheat it by rinsing it in boiling water. When you fill your pitcher with water and then place the juice in it, they will have the opportunity to flourish fully in a hot and humid environment.

On the infusion side, depending on the type of juice, the juice should last no more than a few minutes.

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